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Welcome to ARMY Theorists Society!

On this website, you can find all the theories we've collected over time through different media platforms, in up to over 13 languages! This website of theory archives is dedicated to all theorist ARMYs and theory enthusiasts worldwide. Our hope is that no matter the language, all ARMYs worldwide are able to enjoy analyzing and discussing theories together. We've also provided a list of BTS recommended books related to the BTS storyline and MVs, as well as recommended websites to help you better understand the BTS Universe and storyline!


So what is a theorist ARMY? And what do you have to do to become one?

A theorist ARMY is an ARMY who is passionate about capturing simple explanations from sophisticated ideas and complex works, who wants to further explore and understand the BTS universe, and seeks to understand the intricate meanings behind BTS' messages through analyzing their music videos, songs, and stories.


Though there aren't necessarily any requirements to becoming a theorist, there are certain suggestions and tips some of us theorist ARMYs would like to give to any ARMYs looking to gain a deeper understanding of BTS theories and the BTS Universe through our "A Beginner's Guide to BTS theories".

*Disclaimer: This website will continuously be updated overtime as we receive more new theories and the BU storyline progresses further into the future*


Most importantly, we would like to remind all ARMYs that there is never a bad theory. Theories are subjective, just like art. Anyone can become a theorist, but it's up to your imagination, creativity, and intelligence to connect together the dots! At the end of the day after all, we may be clowns, but we are the smartest clowns in the universe :)

- ARMY Theorists Society